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A documentary on Hexy Bastard and the PoorPleb Token

The new king of Plebs
or clueless muppet?

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The Team behind
the film

More than 100 impressions… sorry I can’t even lie about that… between us we have a rubbish Marlon Brando and an ‘End of the Pier’ Tommy Cooper. But at the end of the day all we really have is a decent Chewbacca impression. Just ask Hex4life - he loves dropping that shit.

We’ve travelled to Skegness, Bognor Regis, and Slough making passable content for brands like:

Bargain Booze, Wholesale Windows, and Betfred.

As experts in false advertising, we’ve been invited to train: Woolworths, Southern Trains and The Conservative Party plus some marketing management courses in Sunderland.

Production Timeline

Story &

  • Go to Pub

  • Thrash out a story

  • Have a few drinks

  • Call it a day

Sept 2023

Principle Production

  • Invasive coverage of Hexy’s private life

  • Try not to screw up the footage

  • Lose Footage, try again

  • Starts to Rain

  • Go to Pub

Oct - Dec 2023

Production & Filming

  • Edit the Film

  • Have a Party

  • Try to Film the Party without getting too drunk

  • Bang heads against the Wall

  • Shout at each other for a bit

Jan - March 2024

Premiere & Distribution

  • Unofficial Showing somewhere in the North of England

  • Might chuck it on Youtube

  • Jobs a good-un

April 2024

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